About me

My name is Krystian Cybulski.

Professionally, I help software engineering leaders at small, quickly-growing companies scale and mature their departments. Previously, I ran the engineering department at CareerKarma (YC W19) and at at 15Five.

I am interested in technology, the human mind, and cooking. I love building things!

Building great products requires a harmony of art, science, and intuition. Helping people get things done with software is my passion, which I’ve been pursuing since the first dot-com boom in 1999. I’ve focused on building remote teams, enabling them with the right mix of knowledge, process, and tools. Through building, coaching, and advising, I’ve helped deliver brilliant products and solutions. I’ve also made enough mistakes to build a healthy intuition.


I have three kids, and together with my wife Weronika, we watch with awe and delight as they grow up. I enjoy traveling, cooking, and eating good food in great company. When the weather and the place is right, I like snowboarding, scuba diving, and riding my bike, but not all at once.


The best way to reach me is via email me at krys@krystian.com.

You can also try LinkedIn.